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About the Collection

 All albums represented on these pages have been carefully selected from my ever growing personal collection of music. Although the intent is to share the wealth of diverse art gracing the covers of vinyl records, I have included a few select CDs, cassettes and even a reel-to-reel tape or two. You'll find both classic albums and some you've never seen, artists both familiar and foreign. The music ranges from jazz, rock, punk, a little country, some show tunes, various artist collections and some hard to describe items as well. There are albums on various shades of colored vinyl. Some are selected for their subject matter, both good and bad. Some for their inherent strangeness, some for their beauty. Of course any collection is subject to the filter of the assemblers' mind and this grouping is no different. All of these albums come with memories attached, some you may share such as a remembrance of a particular live show or the anticipation of certain's records release. In any event I hope you enjoy the selections and my musings upon each album as you browse through these pages.


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